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Handling Criticism

Often times, teams enter a part of the season when a coach's criticism or a teammate's harsh critiques have taken a toll on them and they struggle to handle it anymore. I think its natural that at some point for frictions to spark on any team.

However, you can always handle criticism one of two ways- a.) dismiss it, ignore it, or even worse, let it cripple you -OR- b.) you can use it as FUEL to improve yourself! Often times when coaches or teammates critique you its because they want you to be able to contribute and offer more than what they think you are currently contributing. Its their way of bluntly and intensely helping you. So use the help! Even if you have to use the criticism as motivational fuel, then the criticism was of real benefit.

At some point in the season, most players no longer appreciate criticism, or worse become self-defensive to it. But the truth is.... criticism is often the necessary ingredient for improvement during a long season!

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I am a youth and college soccer coach who is passionate about making coaching my career and helping assist players in their development. I am always trying to learn from the game and always willing to share with others the insights I have made from the game. If you have coaching tips or materials you would like to share, just contact me.

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