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Pep Guardiola's Multi-functional Training

*click photo for link*

Here is an amazing training session ran by Pep Guardiola at FC Bayern Munich. It is 'multifunctional', which to me basically means the session is geared towards working on trying to achieve more than one thing and having more than just a single purpose. The focuses here are: a.) fitness b.) technical ability c.) total football. There are three clear sections to the session. The outside areas work on fitness and dynamic movements combined with technical execution of dribbling, passing with a coach, and finishing on goal. The middle section is a 3 vs. 2 to goal. As soon as you complete one section you move to next on your right. No player waits for more than 20 seconds. It works on total football, because every player works on both defending and attacking. It also requires every player to be technically sharp, fit, and mentally engaged the whole time. No mental breaks when you are hardly waiting in line! I think this is brilliant and hope to use it with my boys this spring.

To watch the exercise played out, watch this video:


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