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Re-Pressing (counter pressing)

New video on the tactical idea of Re-Pressing aka. Counter Pressing.

The video focuses on the specific team of Liverpool and Leeds and how their managers have made it part of the team's identity.

Principle: To win possession back as quickly as possibly after having lost it

Sub-Principle #1: The player who lost possession needs to take responsibility

Sub-Principle #2: The teammates in close proximity to the turnover must either a.) help press the ball, or b.) begin anticipating another pass for when they should then go press

Sub-Principle #3: The backline is making the collective decision to either a.) stepping / squeezing to deny forward possession in transition, or b.) dropping to collect the long-ball in transition



I am a youth and college soccer coach who is passionate about making coaching my career and helping assist players in their development. I am always trying to learn from the game and always willing to share with others the insights I have made from the game. If you have coaching tips or materials you would like to share, just contact me.

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